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      Houston | Austin | Portland | New York

      Hapny is a love letter to the cities I've lived in and the details that made my apartments feel like home

      Hi, I'm Priya.

      My dad started his own cabinet hardware company in the 80s, so I grew up with an unusual appreciation for the pieces of metal that help you open your doors and drawers.

      What I didn't appreciate was the shopping experience. Buying hardware today is tedious, thanks to the overwhelming number of underwhelming designs, inconsistencies across finishes and materials, and overall lack of curation and guidance.

      I created Hapny to change that. I’ve designed a more thoughtful end-to-end experience with an intentional product collection that lives at the sweet spot of durability, affordability, and beauty.

      I want to help you turn your home - temporary, rented, or owned - into something you admire and that makes you smile, starting with the tiniest details.

      Grab a screwdriver, and let’s get started.